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My life so far has been that of transformation and reinvention.

One of my greatest passions is sharing stories, experiences I have gathered as a violinist, startup founder, writer and globetrotter. What have I learnt as a violinist? How have I transferred my musical education to business and various non-music projects? And overcome the challenges

I'll be honoured to connect with you  and deliver an inspiring impact on your audience! 

"I've performed on stage since the age of 6. As violinist, speaker and presenter, the stage is where I feel at home. It's the place I deeply connect with the audience, where energy flows between us and we leave the auditorium richer than we entered."
Bibi Pelić


 Amazing story, passion and energy,.Thank you so much for sharing dear Bibi!

Absolutely brilliant! 

 Thank you Bibi, l love the idea what we can all do something special. Very important to remember!

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