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A Global Platform for Interdisciplinary Learning

We live in a fast-paced world where the key to growth and progress is innovation and creativity. 

Education is key, no matter the industry we find ourselves in. But the question we face today is, what education? 


I founded ConductVision with the purpose to share the centuries-long knowledge and experiences from an industry that has faced unbelievable growth, innovation and also challenges along the way.  Many lessons were learnt along the way. Music conductors as examples of leadership, orchestras as case studies for organizational structures, musicians guiding the path to personal mastery. Don't we all admire Mozart, Beethoven, Elvis or Lang Lang?   


 We've moved away from traditional learning, inspiring you to develop your creative and critical thinking skills .


Our designs will help you look at yourself and your business differently. 


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Around for nearly 400 years, the music conductor embodies a compelling set of experiences that provide valuable settings and tools for leadership that are more than relevant today, applicable to all industries and cultures. Music leaders do, think and feel in a fast-pacing and demanding industry where there is only one performance and no time for repetition or corrections.

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