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With Me

I am a life-long learner. Learning is my passion. Throughout my life I have had wonderful opportunities to study and work with exceptional people who excelled in their fields. I have transmitted my accumulated knowledge and thirst for learning in developing projects which I share with you and the world.
The learning continues.

How you can learn with me



Join me for a 1-1 violin lesson or if you need help and advice on your music career!

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Join me in-person or with my online courses and let's take together the journey of learning leadership, teamwork, communication, professional growth by rethinking human skills for the 21st century! 

Up Your Performance- 

Be the Presenter

Are you looking to improve your public speaking skills and/or presentation skills? Or are you looking to learn how to be an online presenter?

With my vast experience as a performing concert violinist, business speaker, and online presenter I'll be happy to help you learn skills that transform an ordinary performance into an extraordinary!  


Music & Leadership-The Book

Why should we learn leadership from a music conductor? What are the secrets to becoming a great music leader? 

In my first published book, I take on the music conductor and orchestra as a great example of leadership and collaboration. 

Join the Conversation

From music to business...subscribe to my social media channels where I share my music and thoughts on business, art and other topics. 


ConductVision Talks

Watch my inspiring and insightful talks with leading figures from business and music. What drives them? What are their thoughts on the future? Don't miss these exciting talks!

Connect with me on Social Media

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