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Violinist and composer Oskar Rieding (1840-1918) was a leading violin pedagogue who composed a number of violin concertos to help us develop a good violin technique. Who has not played Rieding’s violin concerto in B minor? It is up to today

considered the most popular ‘easy violin concerto’, your first BIG concerto! Mastering this concerto you will develop a good basic left and right hand technique. Written in the 1st position, you will master the basic finger patterns. Further, you will improve your bow technique developing detache and legato bowing skills, frequent  change of bow speed as well as lots of string crossings. All three movements have beautiful melodies so you will learn how to phrase and develop a nice sound. It is a truly romantic concerto. The third movement is written in a virtuoso manner so I am sure you will receive a good many ‘bravos’ when you play it. My students enjoy playing this concerto a lot! 

Good luck with your violin studies and have fun playing this concerto!






Level: Beginner, 1st position


Why play this concertino?


  • Learn basic finger patterns
  • Develop detache and legato bowing skills
  • Learn how to phrase and develop a nice sound


What is included?

  • Violin music sheets for the whole concertino



Oskar Rieding: Concerto in B minor op.35 for Violin and Orchestra

VAT Included
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