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Let's Play Concertos CD Album is a release of the easy violin concertos by Oskar Rieding and Ferdinand Küchler accompanied by the orchestra for the first time on CD. Violin students now have the opportunity to hear the five easy violin concertos performed by a professional violinist and orchestra. 


1. Ferdinand Küchler: Concertino in D major in the Style of Vivaldi

2. Ferdinand Küchler: Concertino in G major Op. 11

3. Oskar Rieding: Concerto in B minor Op. 35

4. Oskar Rieding: Concerto in D major Op. 36

5. Oskar Rieding: Concertino in the Hungarian Style in A minor, Op. 21




Bibi Pelić, violin

Vitêzslav Podrazil, conductor

Atlantis Orchestra Prague



Let's Play Concertos!

VAT Included
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