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My 3rd recording! Violin and guitar are an amazing combination. Niccolo Paganini regarded them as equals  - he himself played the guitar as excellently as the violin!




1. G.Faure: Pavane

2. J.S.Bach: Ave Maria

3. N.Paganini: 1. Introduction tempo di marcia

4. N. Paganini: Rondoncino Allegro

5. A. Dvořák: Romantic Piece no.3

6. A. Vivaldi: Winter from the four seasons

7. J. Haydn: Serenade

8. A. Dvořák: Humoresque

9. F. Sors: Romance

10. F. Schubert: Ave Maria

11. C. Saint-Saëns: The Swan

12. D. Pejačević: Romance

13. D. Pejačević: Menuett

14.D. Pejačević: Canzonetta


A Bit of Romance

SKU: CD003
VAT Included
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