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Violinist. Author. Entrepreneur
SPECIAL! New music video is out!

We released a new music video of Leo Portnoff's Concertino in A minor, op.14. filmed
in the beautiful setting of the Smetana Museum in Prague.



I am a violinist, author and entrepreneur. Having pursued a violin performing career from early childhood, 

my life took an unexpected journey into business, startups, technology, online courses and even writing a book.


I founded ConductVision, a learning company that specializes in sharing knowledge based on interdisciplinary values. With ConductVision I've developed programs that share the vast experiences of music that business and other industries may benefit from. 

I've never thought of what I do as a job or work. I have My Vocations. 

I am very glad and honored to have you as a mentor for a year. Bibi is a very extraordinary mentor who is a true intellectual, experienced and knowledgeable with a brilliant and innovative vision. I love every our conversation because Bibi has a very wide range of knowledge and understanding of different subjects and topics. It is very pleasant and helpful to have Bibi as a mentor or a friend to discuss business, social and life matters. 

I am happy that i had a chance to be your mentee and now a friend and looking forward to seeing you again. 

Nhung Novotna, business owner

Violin Players


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As an all in one, professional musician, business owner and business consultant with in-depth know-how of both worlds, I help musicians and orchestras with career and HR consultancy.


I've been a violinist since I can remember. For me playing the violin is an expression of who I am. I've given numerous concerts throughout my career, recorded a number of music albums and and have created an app for young violinists to play along their favorite easy violin concertos! 


My passion for music, art and business led me to create ConductVision, a learning company that specializes in creating unique and original business programs based on interdisciplinary values. 


With one book published, I regularly write articles and blogs! I very much enjoy writing online content - one of my previous jobs was Senior Content Editor of The Times Academy, London.

Currently working on my new book...


ConductVision Talks

Insightful and inspiring! I host ConductVision Talks, an online talkshow inviting guests from different fields and disciplines to talk about what keeps them busy, what inspires them to wake up and seize the day!





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