Violinist and composer Oskar Rieding (1840-1918) was a leading violin pedagogue who composed a number of violin concertos to help us develop a good violin technique.

The Concerto in G major, Op.34 is a big favourite of mine. Beautiful, sweet melodies in the first two movements, a joyful dance-like third movement make it an exciting, happy concerto to play. It is written in the 1st position requiring a good left hand technique. In the 1st movement you will find many sixteenths! This concerto will help you develop a good sense of rhythm, you might use the help of the metronome.

Good luck with your violin studies and have fun playing this concerto!






Level: Beginner, 1st position


Why play this concertino?


  • Improves your 1st position playing skills
  • Takes your bowing skills to the next level
  • Develops your sense of rhythm



What is included?

  • Violin music sheets for the whole concertino


Oskar Rieding: Concerto in G major, op.34 for Violin and Orchestra

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