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Here is a beautiful less known violin concerto composed by Ivan Mane Jarnović, also

known as ’Giovanni Mane Giornovichi’ (1747 – 1804), a virtuoso violinist and composer originally thought to be from Dubrovnik, Croatia. Jarnović was a star violinist performing all over Europe who captivated audiences with his playing and colourful lifestyle. He was acquainted with kings and queens, famous musicians such as Joseph Haydn. It is said he died in St Petersburg, Russia on 23 November 1804, apparently at a pool table. Jarnović composed 22 violin concertos and this concerto no.2 on D major is considered his best one. It is slightly reminiscent of the early Mozart.The concerto abounds in delightful, joyful melodies, exciting virtuoso passages well written for the violin. The concerto requires playing in five positions, good bow technique including flying staccato and spiccato.

The 2nd movement is the sublime Romanza, a slow movement introduced by Jarnović into the concerto structure. Pure joy to play!

Good luck with your violin studies and have fun playing this concerto!






Level:  Virtuoso, 1-5 position


Why play this concerto?


  • Gain a virtuoso technique
  • Take your bowing skills to the next level
  • Develop your musical phrasing



What is included?

  • Violin music sheets for the whole concerto


Ivan Mane Jarnović: Concerto no.2 in D major for Violin and Orchestra

VAT Included
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