The Concertino in D major op.15 ’in the style of Vivaldi’ by Ferdinand Küchler introduces the violin student to the Baroque style of playing. It is one of Küchler’s most famous and played concertinos. By playing this concertino you will learn how to play and understand Baroque form, dances, bow strokes. The concertino is written in the 1st and 3rd position so for those of you learning to master the 3rd position this delightful concertino is for you!

Good luck with your violin studies and have fun playing this concertino!






Level: Intermediate, 1st & 3rd position


Why play this concertino?

  • Improves your 1st and 3rd position playing skills
  • Learn Baroque plahing style
  • Learn Baroque bow technique



What is included?

  • Violin music sheets for the whole concertino

Ferdinand Küchler: D major, op.15 for Violin and Piano

VAT Included