The Concertino in G major, op.11 is a delightful piece written by Ferdinand Küchler (1867-1937). He was a German violinist and violist, regarded during his lifetime as a leading violin pedagogue and composer of educational violin music. Playing this concertino you will learn to master the 1st position, develop a nice sound and sense of phrasing. Further, you will improve your bow technique developing detache and legato bowing skills. The concertino ends with an especially exciting Rondo. Love it!

Good luck with your violin studies and have fun playing this concertino!




Level: Beginner, 1st position


Why play this concertino?


  • Improves your 1st position playing skills
  • Take your bowing skills to the next level
  • Learn how to phrase musical sentences


What is included?

  • Violin music sheets for the whole concertino

Ferdinand Küchler: Concertino in G major, op.11 for Violin and Piano

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